Stetzer Partners with Catholic Priest on Mental Illness

Polemics Report

Mental illness is one of those safe issues that the evangelical intelligentsia have decided to focus upon in the last year or so. Add that to racial reconciliation and sex-trafficking, and you have the talking points. The secular press loves it. It’s not controversial. Nobody could be crucified over it. It’s a win-win.

Thanks, in part to the influence of Rick Warren, mental illness seems to be a major theme of the Scripture and talking about it a major mission of the church – at least if you listen to the in-crowd of evangelicals. But, hey. If you’re Rick Warren and aren’t going to talk about the Gospel, you’ve got to talk about something, right?

Southern Baptist employee, Lifeway VP and #the15 founder, Ed Stetzer, is teaming up with a number of folks to discuss mental illness at an event put on by the Leadership Network this Tuesday (April 14, 2015).

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