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April 19, 2015 Christian Persecution Update

Christians are forced to pray underground in war-torn Yemen, says bishop

ICC Note: The ongoing war in Yemen has caused a massive humanitarian crisis, but for Christians it has forced them into hiding or else makes them a target for increasingly active Islamic extremist groups.

Garissa Survivor: “I Need God to Help Me Forget”

ICC Note: Frederick Gitonga survived the Garissa University College attack where Islamist militants targeted and killed Christians on April 2 because he slept in instead of attending morning prayer.

Christians Pay Islam’s Price for Freedom

A pastor eventually helped the 12 year old to a “medical clinic, where she was treated for two weeks, while her father began organizing area Muslims to kill her.” “The intention was to torch all the churches with us inside them” and thus “burn is alive.”

Sexual Violence Becomes Favorite Tool Of Torture For Extremist Groups Like ISIS And Boko Haram: Report

ICC Note: Boko Haram and other Islamist militant groups are notorious for perpetrating sexual violence against victims that they kidnap, including many young Christian girls and boys in northern Nigeria.

What are Hillary Clinton’s views on amnesty and illegal immigration?


Here’s a story from the Weekly Standard.

It says:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is now saying she supports driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. “Hillary supports state policies to provide driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants,” a spokesperson told the Huffington Post.

The issue gave Clinton fits last time she ran for president. She was for it before being against it.

[…]But now Clinton has completely flipped again, taking up the position now most in line with the Democratic base. It would appear the front-running Democratic candidate is doing her best to adopt the positions of her chief rival, Martin O’Malley, whose long supported this liberal policy.

So she supports Obama’s executive order amnesty. How many driver’s licenses are we talking about?

The Washington Times has the number.


The administration has granted about 541,000 Social Security numbers to illegal immigrants under President Obama’s original 2012 deportation amnesty for Dreamers, officials told…

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Clinton Foundation continues to take donations from regimes that oppress women


Hillary Clinton: secretive, entitled, hypocritical Hillary Clinton: secretive, entitled, hypocritical, deceptive

From the Washington Times.


The board of the Clinton Foundation said Wednesday night that it will continue accepting donations from foreign governments, but only from six nations, a move that appears aimed at insulating Hillary Rodham Clinton from controversies over the charity’s reliance on millions of dollars from abroad as she ramps up her presidential campaign.

Clinton, who resigned from the foundation’s board last week, has faced mounting criticism over the charity’s ties to foreign governments.

The board of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation said that future donations will only be allowed from the governments of Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom – all nations that previously supported the charity’s health, poverty and climate change programs.

While direct contributions from other governments would be halted, those nations could continue participating in the Clinton Global Initiative, a…

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Largest individual donor to Clinton Foundation has trade ties to Iran


Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood

This is from the leftist Newsweek, of all places.


The fourth richest man in Ukraine, Pinchuk owns Interpipe Group, a Cyprus-incorporated manufacturer of seamless pipes used in oil and gas sectors.

Newsweek has seen declarations and documents from Ukraine that show a series of shipments from Interpipe to Iran in 2011 and 2012, including railway parts and products commonly used in the oil and gas sectors.

Among a number of high-value invoices for products related to rail or oil and gas, one shipment for $1.8m (1.7m) in May 2012 was for “seamless hot-worked steel pipes for pipelines” and destined for a city near the Caspian Sea.

Both the rail and oil and gas sectors are sanctioned by the US, which specifically prohibits any single invoice to the Iranian petrochemical industry worth more than $1m.

Hot Air says that the group should not have been…

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Obama’s irresponsible student loan policies leave taxpayers with trillion-dollar bubble


President Obama's student loan bubble President Obama’s student loan bubble

This is from Investors Business Daily.

It says:

In 2010, Obama eliminated the federal guaranteed loan program, which let private lenders offer student loans at low interest rates. Now, the Department of Education is the only place to go for such loans.

Obama sold this government takeover as a way to save money — why bear the costs of guaranteeing private loans, he said, when the government could cut out the middleman and lend the money itself?

The cost savings didn’t happen. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office just increased its 10-year forecast for the loan program’s costs by $27 billion, or 30%.

What did happen was an explosive growth in the amount of federal student loan debt. President Clinton phased in direct federal lending in 1993 as an option, but over the next 15 years the amount of loans was fairly stable. The result…

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Godlife: A Real Story of Persecution


Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body. Hebrews 13:3

Many Christians are suffering because they love Jesus. I recently sat down with a pastor named Reverend G. He is from a country in Asia where most of the people are Muslim and the Christians are persecuted.

Click here to read his story

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