April 24, 2015 Christian Persecution Update

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #181

France – Islamic extremist planned to attack churches in Paris
An Islamic extremist was arrested for attempting to attack churches in Paris last Sunday (19 April) but shot himself in the leg and called an ambulance.

Uzbek believer in hiding after police attempt arrest

Enduring months of police harassment, Uzbek authorities attempted to arrest believer Guljahon Kuzebayeva on 24 February in her home in Karshi, in Uzbekistan’s Kashkadarya province, but were unable find her.

As centenary commemoration approaches, Europe urges Turkey to recognise Armenian genocide

A European Parliament (EP) motion passed in Brussels on 15 April calls on Turkey “to come to terms with its past, to recognise the Armenian genocide and thus pave the way for a genuine reconciliation between the Turkish and Armenian peoples”.

New Islamic State video shows militants killing 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya

“To the nation of the cross, we’re back again,” says a masked Islamic State (IS) fighter on a video posted on social media sites on Sunday (19 April), just before 30 Ethiopian Christians are brutally executed on screen.

Medical fund for pastors and their families

?Christian organisations, activities and
literature/materials are under tight regulation by governments in Central Asia
and church leaders are often harassed by authorities, which can cause…

Christians in Pakistan Fear More Persecution Following Wave of Attacks on Christian Children

ICC Note:

Over the past month, a series of attacks on Christians has many in Pakistan afraid of greater persecution to come in the near future.

Suspect Accused of Involvement in Lahore Church Bombings Arrested in Pakistan

ICC Note:

Pakistani security agencies have arrested a suspect accused of involvement in the twin suicide bombings of two churches in Lahore’s Christian dominated neighborhood of Youhanabad.

Christians in India Shutdown Christian Hospitals and Schools to Protest

ICC Note:

Christians in India have decided to shutdown Christian hospitals and other institutions such as schools in protest today. Emergency services to hospitals will remain in service, but Christians are hoping to draw attention the the drastic increase in persecution under the new BJP-led government.

Eritrean Teen Migrant Forced to Witness Libya ISIS Massacre – ‘I Watched IS Beheading Christians’

ICC Note: In the wake of the release of the grisly ISIS video depicting the execution of nearly 30 Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians on April 19, one Eritrean ISIS escapee says the militants forced him to watch the killings.

Christians in Niger Still Recovering From Attacks on Churches After Charlie Hebdo Massacre

ICC Note: Persecution of Christians in Niger is one of the forgotten tragedies around the world. Much of the Western media ignores persecution of Christians in Africa, in general, while the Church in the developed world largely remains ignorant.

Special Delivery for A Family in Need!

ICC and our partners in Iraq were able to make a special delivery for one young family who was forced to leave her home because of ISIS and flee to Iraqi Kurdistan.

100 Years: Remembrance, Rejection, and Steps of Reconciliation for Genocide of Christians

By Todd Daniels

04/24/2015 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Today marks 100 years since what is generally recognized as the beginning of the Armenian Genocide.

Daily Prayer – Saturday 25 April 2015

Praise God for answering prayer for “Benjamin”, a Cameroonian convert from Islam to Christianity.

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