The Uniqueness of Scripture

The Reformed Reader

One of the attributes of Scripture that we might not think about so much is the fact that it is completely unique.  Scripture is the only clear, sufficient, necessary, authoritative, and perfect source of saving knowledge of our Triune God (Ps. 12:6, 2 Pet. 1:21, John 10:35, Rom. 3:4, 2 Tim. 3:15-17, etc.).  John Murray stated this well in a lecture he gave to an Inter-Varsity Fellowship group in 1960:

“Apart from the Scriptures and the knowledge derived from them, we today would be in complete darkness respecting the content of our Christian faith.  We must not deceive ourselves as to the darkness and confusion that would be ours if there were no Bible.  We depend upon the message of Scripture for every tenet of our faith, for every ray of redemptive light that illumines our minds, and for every ray of hope against the issues of time and eternity. …

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