April 30, 2015 Christian Persecution Update

Human Rights Watch slams Cambodian “collusion” with Vietnam in Christian Montagnard persecution

With Cambodian authorities failing to process the ever-growing number of Vietnamese Christian Montagnards seeking refuge in its jungle, Human Rights Watch appealed to the country’s authorities “to recognize its obligations under the Refugee Convention to protect asylum seekers regardless of their origin, and cease colluding in Hanoi’s dirty work of repressing the Montagnards”.

Islamic State fighters smash Christian graves in Iraq

Images posted on social media networks on 16 April show Islamic State (IS) militants taking sledgehammers to Christian graves in Mosul, Iraq, and gouging out the crosses that are engraved on Christian headstones.

Ethiopia: They Died Because of Their Love for Jesus and Family

The story of three Ethiopian martyrs who claimed Christ and sought better lives for their struggling families to the end

By Troy Augustine and Abebe Kibret…

Boy in Pakistan Burned Alive Because He Admitted He Was A Christian

On April 09, 2015, Noman Masih, 14, was burned alive by a group of unidentified Muslim youth in Lahore because of his religious identity as a Christian.

Daily Prayer – Thursday 30 April 2015

In Pakistan, the government has issued a new law concerning the punishment of terrorists.

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #182

Spain – Police break up jihadist cell plotting beheading in Catalonia
Spanish police broke up a cell known as the Islamic Brotherhood for the Preaching of Jihad, on 8 April in Catalonia.

Hindu activists storm two Christian schools in India, demanding closure

A mob of over 60 Hindu activists attacked two Christian schools in the city of Hazaribagh, in India’s north-eastern Jharkhand state, on 21 April.

Uzbek Christian jailed and fined for distributing a Christian leaflet

Doniyor Akhmedov was stopped by police in Uzbekistan’s Ahangaran District on 16 March after he gave a Christian leaflet to a passer-by on the street.

Nigeria: 160 More Women, Children Rescued from Boko Haram Camp

ICC Note: Just days after liberating 293 women and young girls from the clutches of Islamic terror group Boko Haram, the Nigerian military has rescued another 160 women and children from the Sambisa Forest area in northern Nigeria.

Hindu Radicals “Mercilessly” Beat 15 Christians in Northeast India

ICC Note:

An entire Christian community was attacked and “mercilessly” beaten by a mob led by Hindu radicals in India’s northeastern Assam state. On April 17, a mob of around 100 wielding swords, sticks, and stones attacked Christians attending a prayer service.

Vietnam’s Two Faces: Religion-Law Reforms Awaited Amidst Violence against Christians

ICC Note: The topic of religious freedom in Vietnam is one that is affected by many varying intricacies. Though, according to reports, Vietnam is on the verge of reform which would allow for greater religious freedom, persecution against Christians continues to take place in the form of “surveillance, intimidation, harassment.” The potential for reform of Vietnam’s religious laws hopes to allow for a more open approach to religious issues as well as a reduction of restrictions nationwide.

Pakistani Anti-Terrorism Court Remands 47 Christians

ICC Note:

Forty seven Christians in police custody have been remanded by an Anti-Terrorism Court in Lahore for allegedly lynching two Muslims following the bombings of two churches last month.

U.S. Report Documents Significant Escalation of Persecution in India

ICC Note:

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has slammed India in its recently released annual report on international religious freedom. The reports notes that attacks on religious minorities and the general state of religious freedom has significantly deteriorated over the past year.

Two Christians in Xinjiang Sentenced to 11-Day Administrative Detention

ICC Note: Two Christians in western China’s Xinjiang region were detained for 11 days under the charges of “utilizing religion to disturb public order.” The charges came about when it was found that the two individuals were teaching babysitting lessons based on Bible passages.

Kenya ‘Ignored Garissa University Raid Intelligence’

ICC Note: The officer in charge of security in Kenya admitted that officers ignored intelligence leading up to the Garissa University College attack on April 2 that resulted in 148 deaths of mostly Christian students.

Nepal update – Christians report from the earthquake zone: Help us to help them

“I was about to conclude my sermon,” said Bal Krishna Sharma, Principal of the Nepal Theological College, who was preaching in a church in Kathmandu when Saturday’s 7.8-strong earthquake hit.

Three Attacks in 30 Days: Anti-Christian Violence Continues in India’s Mahabubnagar District

By ICC’s India Correspondent

4/30/2015 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Mahabubnagar District is known to be one of the toughest districts for Christians to live in.

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