The History of the Renewal Movement – Part 1

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

As promised, I’m tossing up my notes from the Last Days Bible Conference.  The audio from the conference (and possibly video: there were cameras there) isn’t up yet, and I am not sure when it will be.  There is audio up from my sermon at GraceLife Church in Calgary, and that audio can be downloaded here.  Apparently there will be video up sometime soon, and when the conference audio/video is up, I’ll certainly throw a post on here showing people where they can go to watch it.

I’m going to break my notes up into 2 sections, just to keep the post from becoming unbearably long.

Also, there are no references or footnotes in these notes.  It’s all documented, but in order to get this out I didn’t spend the dozen plus hours needed to go back through all my notes and find whatever specific quote or…

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