Haggai and God’s Instrumental Word

The Reformed Reader

Minor Prophets, The: An Exegetical and Expository Commentary One of the big themes of Haggai is the power and efficacy of God’s word in the lives of his covenant people.  In BC 520 Yahweh, through his prophet Haggai, rebuked Israel for procrastinating and neglecting to rebuild the temple.  He also called them to renewed obedience.  And the Jews (both leaders and laymen) responded with reverence, repentance, and obedience – attitudes and actions that God’s presence and “stirring” produced in them (see Hag. 1).  Alec Motyer summarizes this well in his commentary on Haggai:

“The call to fetch timber (1:8) and build the house [temple] has met with a positive response.  The disinterested people have become the listening, obedient people.  It is to such that the Lord came with quickening power (1:14) – a quickening that promoted active obedience to the word they had begun to heed.”

“Thus a new pattern emerges: a) responding to the Word (v 12),

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