May 15, 2015 Christian Persecution Update

Iranian court sentences two Christians to five years each in prison

The Iranian Revolutionary Court has sentenced two Christians, Ebrahim Firouzi and Sevada Aghasar, to five years each in prison for “action against national security through collusion and gathering”.

Operation Nehemiah: News Update #184

UK – UK Army rejects recruits fearing links to terrorist groups
A report revealed that in the past two years, the British Army has rejected 188 recruits after they failed the security checks put in place for recruits with links to countries in the Middle East, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.

Nigeria: At Least 5,000 Catholics Killed by Boko Haram

ICC Note: A new report says that militant Islamic terror group Boko Haram has displaced up to 85 percent of the Maiduguri diocese in northern Nigeria and more than 5,000 Catholics have been killed there.

NEWS | Boko Haram Survivors Now Face Severe Food Shortages

As Christians displaced by Boko Haram return to their homes in places such as Yola, Nigeria, their trials are only beginning. Where they once faced threat to life and limb, they are now looking down the barrel of starvation.

Daily Prayer – Thursday 14 May 2015

Indian Christians gathered in Delhi in February to protest against church attacks.

South Sudanese pastors face death sentences for encouraging Sudan church

In a hearing at the Khartoum Bahri Criminal Court in Khartoum, capital of Sudan, Pastors Yat Michael and Peter Yein Reith were formally charged on 4 May of several offences after they encouraged believers at a church in Sudan who have been enduring government pressure.

Christians in Sri Lanka Mark Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Persecuted

ICC Note:

Christians in Sri Lanka have will mark a day of fasting and prayer for the persecuted worldwide on June 7, the feast day of Corpus Christi.

U.S. Senate Urges Obama to Do More to Free American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran

ICC Note: In a unanimous decision, the United States Senate has passed a resolution to urge President Obama and his administration to take greater action on behalf of Saeed Abedini.

Al Shabaab Leaflets Warn of More Garissa-Like Attacks on Kenya’s Christian Schools

ICC Note: Somali Islamic terror group al-Shabaab is dropping leaflets in Kenya warning of future attacks on Christian schools inside the country, similar to the massacre at Garissa University College that killed 148 people April 2.

Radicals in India Attack Three Churches in Single Night

ICC Note:

Three churches located in Indore, Madya Pradesh, India came under attack by Hindu radicals several nights ago. Extremists threw stones at the churches, destroyed crosses, vandalized, and attempted to set fire to one of the churches.

Sister Diana Testifies About Suffering of Christians and Other Religious Minorities in Iraq

ICC Note: In a powerful testimony before Congress, Sister Diana a Dominican nun from Mosul, Iraq shared the realities facing her and other Christians in Iraq.

Shandong Court Holds Trial for Christians Accused of ‘Using a Cult Organization to Undermine Law Enforcement’

ICC Note: As noted in the New York Times on May 12, there is often a rush to judgment in the Chinese court system, often leading to collusion between prosecutors and police in order to produce high conviction rates.

Imprisoned Journalist Beaten In Prison For Conversion To Christianity

ICC Note: An Egyptian convert to Christianity continues to be held in prison on investigation of charges of blasphemy related to converting to Christianity. He has already been held past the legal 6 month investigation period and while in prison has been subject to physical and verbal abuse.

Women Working in Iraq Testify About Horrifying Genocide of Christians and Their Heritage By ISIS

ICC Note: As more than 3 million people are displaced inside of Iraq, four women working to preserve both people and history in Iraq testified before congress on the attacks they are facing, “the most brutal in our history,” Sister Diana told a hearing.

Nepal update: Barnabas delivers emergency relief to Nepalese Christians

In response to a massive 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April, devastating entire villages, schools, businesses and thousands of homes, Barnabas Fund is distributing emergency food aid, water purification tablets, cooking utensils, hygiene kits, tarpaulins, clothing, blankets, and medicines to affected Christians across the country.

Pakistani Sunni extremists who shot dead 44 Ismaili Muslims threaten Christians

When Sunni extremists boarded a bus carrying Ismaili Muslims on their way to work in Karachi, in Pakistan, on 12 May, they gunned down 44 of the minority Muslim sect and injured a dozen more.

“Remember My Chains” – One Eritrean Woman’s Suffering and Ministry in Prison for Christ

The story of a modern-day Paul, redeeming her imprisonment for the glory of God, preaching the gospel for the salvation of Muslim inmates.

By Troy Augustine…

Muslims, Christians Clash Over ‘Martyrs’ Church’ Construction

ICC Note: In a village where 13 families had their loved ones brutally executed for their faith, the hostility is not just confined to the ISIS terrorist group, but their neighbors are also opposing them simply because they are Christians.

Growing Pains, Great Gains

ICC Note: Despite the well-documented persecution faced by the Christian church in China, its growth continues at a great pace. This article points out some of the growing pains faced by the church in China, and the need for solid teaching and discipleship for many of its new believers.

Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Have Murdered More Than 70 Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria in Past Month

By Troy Augustine

5/15/15 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – More than 70 Christians have been murdered in the past month in Plateau State, Nigeria, including one pastor.

Daily Prayer – Saturday 16 May 2015

Praise God that Pastor Tandin Wangyal has been released early from prison in Bhutan on 19 January after paying a fine.

Libya: ‘A Country Where Christians Shouldn’t Come’

ICC Note: Libya is a destination where migrants from all over Africa seek employment, many hoping to escape the economic hardships on the continent for greener pastures in Europe.

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