The Fatal Flaws of the Renewal – Part 2

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

So in my last post, I posted the first half of my notes from the second talk I gave at the Last Days Bible Conference.  I dealt with the first two (of five) “fatal flaws” in the Renewal, as organized by the acronym K.N.I.F.E.  The first two flaws were “Knavish Hermeneutics” and “Novelty Obsession.”  Again I’ve included a few hyperlinks to content that I didn’t pull out of books (and remembered to write down).

As a reminder, the five fatal flaws are foundational issues that are fairly widespread in the Renewal Movement.  If I were to nail the flaws down to just one, I’d point to the first issue regarding the hermeneutics (interpretation of scripture).  One might suggest that all the other issues flow out of that, but they’re still significant root issues for large numbers of people in the Renewal Movement.  Not every flaw is equally problematic…

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