May 23, 2015 Christian Persecution Update

“Remember My Chains” – One Eritrean Woman’s Suffering and Ministry in Prison for Christ

Although she no longer lives in a cell, “Alice” is still not free. She spent more than six years locked in a cage in an Eritrean prison for her faith in Christ under one of the most repressive regimes against Christians on the globe.

Street clashes in Burundi over upcoming elections cause thousands to flee

“We are facing a terrible security situation,” a Burundian church leader told Barnabas as demonstrations against President Pierre Nkurunziza’s bid to serve a third term continue.

Tanzanian pastor attacked at home as tensions rise over Islamic courts bill

Breaking into his home during the night of 14-15 May, armed men attacked a Tanzanian church pastor, slashing his head with a sword.

Iraq’s Christians wonder where to flee after Islamic State militants take Ramadi city

Christians in Baghdad are filled with fear now that Islamic State (IS) militants have captured the geographically strategic city of Ramadi.

Religious Intolerance Continues to Grow at a Critical and Alarming Rate in Pakistan

ICC Note:

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has labeled Pakistan as one of the worst violators of religious freedom in the world in its most recent Annual Report.

Kenyan Mosque in Garissa Briefly Taken by al-Shabab

ICC Note: The same Muslim terror group that perpetrated the devastating attack April 2 in Garissa Kenya that killed nearly 150 mostly Christian students took over a mosque in the same county for two hours, preaching against the Kenyan government.

India’s Christians Concerned by Government’s Attempt to Deny USCIRF Annual Report

By ICC’s India Correspondent,

5/21/2015 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – “We are the sufferers,” said Pastor Christopher, a victim of religiously motivated violence that took place last month in India’s Telangana state.

Court Indicts 106 Suspected of Burning Alive Christian Couple in Pakistan

ICC Note:

In November last year, a Christian couple in Kot Radha Kishan, Pakistan was accused of blasphemy, brutally beaten by a mob of enraged Muslims, and burned alive at the brick kiln where they worked.

Egypt’s Religious Freedom Farce

ICC Note: Egypt’s President Sisi has been promoting calls for reform on Egypt’s religious freedom laws, but so far the record under his leadership has not been good.

Christians flee Aleppo in their thousands after fresh fighting in Syria

After violent attacks on Christian neighbourhoods in the Syrian city of Aleppo last month, the number of Christians remaining in the city has plummeted as thousands flee in search of safety.

Iran’s Persecuted Converts

ICC Note: American Pastor Saeed Abedini remains in prison in Iran, serving an eight year sentence for his faith. He is just one victim of the Iranian regimes intense war to crack down on Christian converts from Islam.

Mob of Muslims Defy Courts to Forcibly Build Mosque on Christian’s Land

Government and police officials are complicit to land grab, intimidation, and infringement upon family’s religious freedom

By Troy Augustine

5/21/15 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Muslim mob in Deder, Ethiopia, has attacked a Christian man and forced him out of his home on the threat of death.

Daily Prayer – Friday 22 May 2015

Twen is a 32-year-old Eritrean Christian, who has been in prison since she was arrested at a prayer meeting in January 2005.

Pakistani Court Charges 106 with Slaying of Christian Couple

ICC Note:

An Anti-Terrorism Court in Pakistan has charged 106 individuals in connection with the murder of two Christians killed for allegedly committing blasphemy last year.

Christian in Pakistan Builds Asia’s Largest Cross as Symbol of Hope

ICC Note:

In the heart of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, a Christian businessman has built the largest cross in Asia. When asked why he built this cross, the Christian businessman said he hoped it would be a symbol of hope for Christians in Pakistan.

Al Shabaab Attacks Village in Kenya’s Garissa

ICC Note: The same terror group that killed 148 people, mostly Christians, in the April 2 attack on Garissa University College, has recently made similar incursions into Garissa County, thankfully without piling up such devastating casualties.

Crosses Removed in Zhejiang, 3 Churches Re-install Crosses After Authorities Leave

ICC Note: Chinese churches in Zhejiang, China remain unashamed of the gospel. Despite authorities forcing many churches to take down their crosses, three churches re-installed them the same day and one church did it three times before the last time the cross was removed.

Assyrian Villages Taken By Islamic State Have Been Liberated

ICC Note: A series of Assyrian villages that were captured by ISIS militants during raids in February have been recaptured by Kurdish and Assyrian forces. Church leaders have returned, but demining operations are still under before they will encourage residents to return.

Egypt Police Rescue Kidnapped Copts Leaving Marian Pilgrimage Site

ICC Note: Police forces in Minya Egypt were able to rescue four Christians who had been abducted by armed men while returning home from a Christian pilgrimage site.

Priest Abducted from Monastery in Homs, Syria


Father Jacob (Jacques) Murad, Superior of the Mar Elian Monastery Abducted by Militants

05/22/2015 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Father Jacob Murad, a Syriac Catholic monk and Superior of the Mar Elian Monastery, was abducted by Islamic militants.

BREAKING NEWS | Priest Abducted from Monastery in Homs, Syria

ICC has learned that Father Jacob Murad, a Syriac Catholic monk and Superior of the Mar Elian Monastery, was abducted by Islamic militants. At least three armed militants arrived at the monastery by motorcycle and at gunpoint abducted Murad and another Christian, believed to be Boutros Hanna, a deacon in the church, La Croix reported.

Nigeria Boko Haram Conflict: People Have Lost Everything

ICC Note: The cost Boko Haram has inflicted upon northern Nigeria is uncountable. Christians, in particular have paid the dearest price as the Muslim militants have targeted them specifically for murder, sexual violence, kidnapping, and forced conversion.

Daily Prayer – Saturday 23 May 2015

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to a Christian audience on 17 February saying, “My government will not allow any religious group belonging to the majority or the minority to incite hatred against others, overtly or covertly.” This was a welcome message, especially given that Mr Modi is a Hindu nationalist and leader of the BJP party, which has strongly anti-Christian elements within it .

Despite Support From Their President, Egypt’s Christians Are Attacked By Their Neighbors

ICC Note: While Egypt’s President has showed greater support for the Christian minority, the reality of daily persecution for Egyptian Christians remain. From church bombings, abductions, to discrimination and exclusion from high level civil service jobs, persecution takes a variety of forms in Egypt and is driven by deeply ingrained prejudices that continue to divide the country.

“Kill Them, Or Else…” Ethiopian Christian Jailed, Then Told to Murder Pastors

By Troy Augustine

5/22/15 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Aman Kuni was crammed into a tight jail cell with barely enough room to sleep on the floor, but that was only the beginning of the terror that he would face for his faith in Christ.

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