Sad Substitutions For Preachers/Preaching

The Reformed Reader

Preaching for God's Glory This is a very short book, but a good one: Preaching for God’s Glory by Alistair Begg.  In it, he explains what solid, biblical, edifying, and God-glorifying preaching looks like.  He also deconstructs poor preaching by talking about “sad substitutions” of a preacher and his sermons:

1) The cheerleader.  This well-meaning fellow has a peculiar need to be liked and accepted.  Whatever the context of a particular message, he is going to be positively inspirational.  A good Sunday for him is one where his people laugh a lot, are affirmed and affirming, and go away more self-assured than when they arrived.  …The preacher’s task, he feels, is to ‘pump them up’ and prepare them for the daunting week that awaits them as soon as they leave the building.  …Whether they were confronted by the truth of God’s Word or humbled by God’s presence is largely lost sight of…

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