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Is America heading towards a terrible implosion or a great awakening? SBC President urges Southern Baptists: “Now is the time to lead.” An important message I highly encourage you to watch/read.

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Floyd(Washington, D.C.) — Violence is exploding in our cities, schools and churches. Racism is tearing us apart. The Supreme Court is poised to rule against Biblical marriage. Americans have murdered 57 million children through abortions and there is no end and sight. Marriages and families are imploding all around us. Poverty is growing. Drug and alcohol use is epidemic. And that’s just here at home. Abroad, Iran is closing in on The Bomb. ISIS is exploding across the Middle East. The Kremlin is growing more aggressive. Our politicians are abdicating their Constitutional responsibilities.And many Americans seeing no reason to go to church or put their hope in Jesus Christ.

In this context, thousands of Southern Baptist pastors and lay leaders gathered in Columbus, Ohio, this past week for their annual convention. But this was not business as usual. They gathered to do some serious soul searching.

The good news: the number of SBC churches is growing, rising from 46,000 to more than…

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Zack Kopplin debates Casey Luskin on science education


Two Rams butting heads: may the best ram win! Two Rams butting heads: may the best ram win!

The Michael Medved show is a national radio show broadcast out of Seattle, Washington. According to Talkers magazine, he has the fifth largest radio audience.

The MP3 file is available for download. (38 minutes)

The description is:

On this episode of ID the Future, the Medved Show hosts the CSC’s Casey Luskin and student Zack Kopplin, a leading activist in the effort to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act. Luskin and Kopplin debate the implications of the Louisiana law for science education standards and whether or not the law promotes the teaching of creationism.


  • Medved: Should teachers be forced to teach creationism in public schools?
  • Luskin: The Discovery Institute has never advocated that creationism be taught in public schools
  • Medved: Does the Louisiana law mandate that creationism be taught in public schools
  • Kopplin: Yes, the bill does…

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Are atheists able to perform the greatest moral duty?


Goodness Without God: is it possible? Goodness Without God: is it possible?

J. Warner Wallace looks at what Jesus says the most important commandment is, and then asks whether atheists can be justified morally if Jesus is right.

He writes:

I was an atheist for the first thirty-five years of my life. While I was a committed (and often aggressive) non-believer, most people who knew me would probably have described me as a “nice guy”. My behavior wasn’t all that different than many of my Christian friends. I worked with many other atheist police officers. We were often suspicious of the Christians in our midst and the people we arrested who claimed to be Christians. Even as atheists we were familiar with Jesus’ directive to “love your neighbor as yourself.” My partner, Tim, used to say, “If there is a good God and a good Heaven, I think I will be there when it’s all over…

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