Albert Mohler Blog: “Everything Has Changed and Nothing Has Changed — The Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage”

In this blog essay, “Everything Has Changed and Nothing Has Changed — The Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage,” Dr. R. Albert Mohler’s responds to yesterday’s decision handed down by the Supreme Court mandating the legalization of same-sex marriage in all fifty states. Mohler writes:

“The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest court in the land, and its decisions cannot be appealed to a higher court of law. But the Supreme Court, like every human institution and individual, will eventually face two higher courts. The first is the court of history, which will render a judgment that I believe will embarrass this court and reveal its dangerous trajectory. The precedents and arguments set forth in this decision cannot be limited to the right of same-sex couples to marry. If individual autonomy and equal protection mean that same-sex couples cannot be denied what is now defined as a fundamental right of marriage, then others will arrive to make the same argument. This Court will find itself in a trap of its own making, and one that will bring great harm to this nation and its families. The second court we all must face is the court of divine judgment. For centuries, marriage ceremonies in the English-speaking world have included the admonition that what God has put together, no human being – or human court – should tear asunder. That is exactly what the Supreme Court of the United States has now done.”

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10 thoughts on “Albert Mohler Blog: “Everything Has Changed and Nothing Has Changed — The Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage”

      1. ladydonnalands

        Hopefully, I said, you are welcome. In case I did not, you are welcome. You are an excellent writer. My writing sucks, I am told. I forget all the grammar rules. I am unpolished and my punctuation needs help. I have practiced for years trying to write and rewrite. I will just keep trying. I am reading up on my grammar by Websters. Let’s see if I remember the rules on which, why, whose and whom. May I place the right words in the proper context in my sentences.
        They say, ‘write like you talk’ and there in lays my issue. My mama was from Georgia and I moved to the NW when I was 7. I have a southern accent with northern influences. It confuses even me. I am a Yankee Cowgirl Rebel. I could not say mile and smile properly until I was 14. This poor kid named ‘Smiley’ got the nickname ‘Smelly’ because of my accent. I felt awful and tried my best to hide my foundational accent.
        I guess it is what it is. Have a good day. 🙂

      2. Truth2Freedom Post author

        Thank you for your kind compliments. However, most of my postings are copies, reblogging of other postings and links to other sites. Your writing and grammar in your comment section is well done 😀

      3. ladydonnalands

        Thank you for the compliment. I try to write everyday. I read everyday. I have been a reader of books and stories since I learned to read. I read my parents whole encyclopedia when I was a girl. I am an avid book collector. I will grab a book and just start reading. I really respect authors from the 1800’s as they wrote more from an internal perspective than from an outward perspective. I am not your typical woman. One writer told me once, I write like a female version of Edgar Allan Poe. I took his view as a compliment. He never got paid for his writing either. lol

      4. Truth2Freedom Post author

        Excellent! You may find it of beneficial usefulness to read some of the writings of authors from that time period that are included in my daily devotional guide collection that I post every day. Some of those authors are from that time period including the unpublished personal writings of Hannah Whitall Smith.

      5. ladydonnalands

        The unpublished huh? I have a book from 1834 from the “Friends of Philadelphia”. You won’t find much on them or their group. They were very religious and organized. It was harmony at it’s finest. They did not believe in debt, offensive wars, slavery or debauchery. Marriage between a male and female was what, was honored. Evil ways were frowned upon. The friends went back to almost our founding. It’s in my DNA to know my Lord. I researched my family tree. I got back to Capt. Christopher Newport 1607 in Jamestown. Kind of fascinating that I, his 10 ggrandaughter ended up in a town called Newport. I also discovered my lines had the Good name in it. I thought it is cool my name means Lady (Donna). It’s cool that I was named after the hurricane and I was born at the 34 degree north horizon. I was born in the 61st year on the 25th at midnight. I was marked by a number 7 when I was very young. All my life, I have felt the presence of God. I experienced seeing the vortex at three years old. I have led the life of the daughter of Job, but it never phased me because I felt God and his Angels were always with me. Does that make sense to you?

      6. Truth2Freedom Post author

        No, I don’t know much about them or the group. Sounds like they had some wonderful principles. You have an amazing heritage & lineage that shows you are a unique & special creation by God. Thanks for sharing about these things – I appreciate it!

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