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Bethel Redding’s Apostasy Seen in Its Ecumenism

Repent Bethel Redding

002_Vallotton_Catholic Priests23 hours after posting this image to his Facebook public figure page, Kris Vallotton’s post had garnered 3,127 “likes.” That’s at least 3,127 people on Facebook who are applauding Vallotton’s unbiblical, ecumenical efforts.

Vallatton boast of 1,500 “new believers” in France. What we don’t know is what these 1,500 souls are “believing.” If it’s Kris Vallotton’s gospel, then they’re still lost.

Vallotton also rejoiced that “many catholic priests” are present. They are not counted among the new converts, which, if they had truly come to genuine repentance and faith in the real Jesus Christ, would have been something over which to rejoice. Vallotton counts them as co-laborers, fellow ministers.

“Speaking to 1500 new believers in France. Very exciting. There are many catholic priest here joining us for ministry. Extreme favor! ‪#‎kvm‬”

If the Roman Catholic priests in question follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, they are not

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Ed Young: Publicity Seeking False Teacher

Zwinglius Redivivus

Young simply wishes to be wealthy and well known.  That’s why he invited Glenn Beck to speak to his cult.

A popular megachurch minister in Texas has come under fire for inviting radio host and author Glenn Beck to speak at his church as part of an Independence Day celebration.

Ed Young of the multi-site Fellowship Church invited Beck, an outspoken Mormon, to speak during all of his Sunday services today as part of Young’s Freedom Experience event. Beck’s presentations were advertised on the church website as “a message of hope and history as we look to honor those who have provided us with our freedom.”

Young and his cult aren’t even pretending to be a Christian Congregation anymore.

Andy Boyd, a spokesman for Fellowship Church, said that Beck was invited since he is a known American historian, and also because the he has “shown his love for God in many ways.”

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The End of the Road for NBC’s (And Mark Burnett’s) Wretched ‘Bible’ Series

Zwinglius Redivivus

A.D. The Bible Continues will not be continuing. NBC is not commenting, but it is understood that the network has opted not to go forward with a second installment ofMark Burnett and Roma Downey’s follow-up to their blockbuster miniseries The Bible. I hear the cast has been informed of the decision.

Given the success of The Bible and Burnett’s track record, while A.D. was initially announced as an event series, it had been envisioned as a potentially continuing franchise. In April, ahead of the series’ Easter debut, Burnett told Deadline that writers already were working on scripts for Season 2. That may now happen on another platform.

After an OK start with virtually no lead-in — a 2.3 Live+Same Day rating in 18-49 and 9.5 million total viewers — A.D.‘s numbers quickly fell off, and the biblical drama ended its 12-episode run with a 0.7 demo rating in Live+SD for its final two…

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Greece: An Illustration of What Happens…

Zwinglius Redivivus

When there are more people who are on the receiving end of taxpayer monies than paying them.  Cheating on taxes, misusing taxpayer money, extravagance… they all create a series of unintended consequences.  But one day those consequences come home to roost and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Greece can (but won’t) serve as a warning to other nations which refuse to understand a simple truth that every family in the world understands:  if you spend more than you earn, you’re working your way towards ruination.

Now, carry on.  Ignore the simple facts.

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GodLife: God’s Favor in Your Life


“The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are attentive to their cry.” Psalm 34:15 (NIV)

You might be surprised to learn that those whom God favors sometimes experience pain and suffering. We might not understand it, but God shows His favor and His love in many different ways. Let’s see what His favor can look like in your life.

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