Forgiveness and the Infinite Largeness of God’s Heart

The Reformed Reader

If a person seriously contemplates the hideousness of his sin in light of God’s law, and if he seriously contemplates the reality of forgiveness through Christ’s blood, it is a gospel truth that our minds cannot fully understand.  The person who has sinned against God in the worst ways imaginable can have his sins freely washed away by the precious blood of Christ (1 Pet. 1:19, 1 John 1:9, etc).  This is a staggering truth that’s hard for us to contemplate!  Here’s how John Owen explains this truth of grace:

It is an object for faith alone, which can rest in that which it cannot comprehend.  It is never safer than when it is, as it were, overwhelmed with infiniteness.  But set mere rational thoughts, or the imaginations of our minds, at work about such things, and they fall inconceivably short of them.  Were not forgiveness in God something beyond…

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