A double-minded man seeking single-minded affection

Unfathomable Grace

I believe in God. Logic demands there must be a pre-existent cause that brought about all that is. Logic demands there can only be one God, for there can only be one supreme being.

I believe God must reveal himself if he wishes to be known.

I believe God has revealed himself through both general and special revelation. Nature and prophecy (Scripture) teach us that which God intends for us to know about him and his preferences.

I believe God has a standard which I am responsible to perfectly keep, but which is impossible for me to keep. Some of God’s standard can be found in natural theology, but the clearest presentation of it is located in the Holy Bible.

I believe God has sent his Son to keep the standard for me, and to pay the penalty due my disobedience.

I believe God loves me with an unconditional love…

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