Reaping a Cold Prayer Life

Unfathomable Grace

You who are in Christ Jesus, you need not fear the wrath of God. All your sins have been paid for; there is no judicial debt left of you to cover. Jesus has paid it all. You are free from the condemnation of the just Judge.

However, the Heavenly Father promises to discipline all his children, and oft times he allows his discipline to be the sad consequences of your sinful decisions. Yes, you are free in Jesus Christ, but you are not free to sin and avoid the consequences which result from your evil decisions and actions. Yes, sometimes God shows mercy, but quite often he will lovingly allow you to reap that which you have sown.  And quite often, one of your sad “reapings” will be a cold prayer life.

So why does God not seem near? Why does your prayer life seem stagnant? There may be numerous reasons:

Perhaps the lack of communion and perceived distance between…

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