Taking a Minute before you Judge and Condemn

Unfathomable Grace

Church discipline can be a beautiful part of the church of Jesus Christ. Weekly, children of God are discipled as they are taught from the sacred scriptures. As iron sharpens iron, brothers and sisters seek to be true friends improving one another through providing counsel, instruction, encouragement, and tender rebuke. Christian parents work side by side as they assist one another in the nurturing, admonishing, discipling, and disciplining each other’s children. In the obedient church, members discipline themselves, they submit themselves to the discipline of one another, and they eagerly long for discipleship and discipline from their church fathers. Yes, it is fantastic thing to see an entire congregation striving to maintain both the peace and purity of the church; a discipled and disciplined family is beautiful. And it is wonderful to know that as a brother or sister compromises and backslides, an entire church family will work diligently to reclaim their wandering friend.

However, church discipline can also be…

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