Where did all the preachers go, and what did you do to them?

Unfathomable Grace

Sometimes, the relationship between the minister and his congregation can be quite thrilling. Through the faithful proclamation of God’s Word, converts are made, children are discipled, leaders are built, prodigals return, marriages are saved, families are improved, the consequences of sin are abated, lay-led ministries abound, local cultures are transformed, congregational size grows, buildings are built, and other churches are planted. Why does all this transpire? It is because the Holy Spirit chooses to sovereignly use the preaching ministry of one sinful but redeemed man; it is a fantastic delight to see such success from one’s preaching ministry. Then, to top it all off, how sweet and awesome it is when the faithful minister also gets paid a very good salary by his respectful and appreciative congregation. Such a relationship is wonderful for the shepherd and his flock. Many a faithful servant of Christ has enjoyed such a profitable and pleasant season of ministry. How sweet…

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2 thoughts on “Where did all the preachers go, and what did you do to them?


    Very good essay. So much have been said about bad preachers and false teachers but equally important is how the congregation relate to solid biblical pastors and leaders. Very good.

    1. Truth2Freedom Post author

      Totally agree brother! Both the positive (good) & negative (bad) must be presented in balance!


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