Civil Action in an Uncivilized World–What’s a Christian to Do?

The Confessional ARP

There are times when you have to stand-up and be counted.

Of course, perhaps the most relevant point is that regardless of whether you “stand-up,” you will be counted. The choice is never will we, or will we not, “be counted,” whether we will or will not make a choice to participate in fighting for, or against evil, or sin. There is no neutral territory on planet earth. The real questions are: Which side are you on? Which side are you fighting for? For Christians in America this is an especially difficult time. The recent videos, and there seem to be more to come, revealing the grotesquely awful murderous evil of Planned Parenthood has highlighted this matter of public expressions of Christian courage. How should Christians respond?

We want to be courageous, wise and humble. It is not always easy to know how to respond to evil. There are many…

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