Simple Thoughts on the Nature of Covetousness

Regeneration, Repentance and Reformation

Being Gouge’s own summaries of his sermons on Covetousness from his Commentary on Hebrews, Courtesy of Puritan Sermons – Fire & Ice 
Written by, William Gough, Puritan, 1575-1653


Covetousness is an immoderate desire of riches.

The apostle implies as much under this phrase, boulomenoi ploutein (βουλόμενοι πλουτεῖν) ‘they that will be rich’, 1 Tim. 6:9; under that word ‘will’, a desire (and that insatiable desire) is comprised. The notation of both the words before mentioned, namely, ‘love of silver’ and ‘desire of having more’, do demonstrate that covetousness consists in a desire.

Desire of riches is not simply covetousness, for a man may lawfully pray for them. So much is intended in the fourth petition [of the Lord’s Prayer]. Now what a man may pray for, he may desire with the same limitations as he may pray for it. Therefore it is an immoderate desire: that is, when a man is not…

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