Swimming by Faith and not by Sight

Unfathomable Grace

Quite often we hear the biblical phrase, “A man ought to walk by faith and not by sight.” Well, what does this mean? Ought we to ignore that which we have learned through our five senses? Are we to forget those lessons learned the hard way? Are we really wise if we discount the advise of experts and elders? And haven’t we seen people do the most outlandish things and excuse their poor decisions and behavior by saying they were following the voice of God in their head? Isn’t there a fine line between faith and foolishness?

Well friends, I believe the historical account of Paul in Acts 27 can be of great assistance to us. In this chapter we will see a group of men learning to swim by faith and not by sight. In this chapter, we will see a group of men truly blessed in doing so.

Paul was a faithful preacher who spent himself…

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