“Dr” Brown weighs in to Brian Houston & Carl Lentz controversy

ChurchWatch Central

Dr Brown writes,

Hillsong, Homosexuality, Internet Rumors and Spiritual Clarity

Brian Houston’s answer about gay members at Hillsong was a little fuzzy. (BrianHouston.com)

There’s a lot we can learn from this week’s viral internet accusation that Carl Lentz, pastor of Hillsong NYC, allowed an openly homosexual couple to participate in and help lead a church choir.

The report was posted on Saturday, and by the next day, everywhere I turned, people were asking, “Is this true?” (My ministry team then reached out to Hillsong NYC for clarification.)

Others, not waiting for verification, believed the worst and went on the attack, not just blasting Hillsong in New York City but also across the globe.

On Wednesday, Brian Houston, leader of Hillsong and Carl Lentz’s pastor, issued two statements.

In the first statement, he affirmed that Hillsong held to the clear scriptural teaching on the subject of homosexuality and…

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