A Tender Heart

Regeneration, Repentance and Reformation

Written by A.W. Pink, 1939

“Because your heart was tender,
and you have humbled yourself before the Lord,
when you heard what I spoke against this place . . .
I also have heard you, says the Lord.”

–2 Kings 22:19

This was part of the message which God sent in response to an inquiry made by the godly king Josiah.

It occurred at a time when the earthly people of God had sunken very low—so low that “the Book of the Law” had been lost, and was only then recovered (v. 8). The sacred Book was read in the hearing of the king, and so deeply was he affected by its solemn message, “he tore his clothes” (v. 11). As he learned of the greatness of Jehovah’s wrath, which was kindled against his subjects, Josiah sent messengers to inquire of the Lord. The answer was that sore…

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