Sacred Balance

Unfathomable Grace

Many are they who are lazy. They are sluggards, and they are sinful. They could read in the book of Genesis how God created the perfect man to work as His image-bearer. They could then continue through the sacred text and read the will of God presented in the Fourth Commandment — a man ought to glorify and enjoy God by spending one-sixth of his time laboring on behalf of God and neighbor. The diligent one could then continue on to read God’s book of proverbial wisdom and be hit again and again with the fact that God condemns the slothful and commends the diligent. But frankly, such passive and self-indulgent  individuals will not read these texts and be moved to action. Why? Because they are too lazy to read, too lazy to repent, and too lazy to apply. All of this because they are too busy doing the least amount of work possible.

Friends, as we see ourselves…

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