Musing on Psalm 23

Unfathomable Grace

There is only one God and one Lord.

This one God and one Lord, and he is not valued by many. They treat him as an enemy, and he forces them not to bow the knee — yet.

However, this one God and one Lord, he is my Shepherd. A wandering sheep I was. A wandering sheep I am. Yet out of love for me, he left the Father’s fold to secure my salvation and safety. And regardless of my proclivity to wander, he will never let me be without searching me out, rescuing me, discipling me, and bringing me back to his himself and his house.

Therefore, because he is my never-failing Shepherd, I lack absolutely nothing. I am a foolish sheep. He is the all-wise one. Therefore, he knows what I need more than I know what I need, and he always provides sustenance for me — spiritually, emotionally, physically, and…

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