Undeserved Favor, Unfathomable Sin, Unconditional Love, and Uncomfortable Discipline

Unfathomable Grace

David was the recipient of God’s undeserved favor. God, through the prophet Samuel, came looking for this young man. He was the one selected to be God’s messiah. He was the anointed one who was called to shepherd Israel. He was the one specially filled with God’s Spirit and enabled to write inspired poetry. David was granted divine favor in marriage, in business, and in war. Due to God’s predestination and providence, David transitioned from the sheep pen to the palace. And so it is and will be for all of us who have been specially called according to God’s purpose.

However, sadly, David committed several unfathomable sins. He stayed home from battle. He lusted after another man’s wife, then he sought to cover his sin and make Uriah believe the child to be his. When this didn’t work, he encouraged Joab to commit murder with him in order to tie up…

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