Sin Never Satisfies, but Jesus Does

Unfathomable Grace

When Eve partook of the forbidden fruit, it may have tasted fantastic going down, but in the end it left a bitter taste in her soul. That which promised satisfaction, and was pleasant for a moment, left her with terrible spiritual indigestion by the end of her day. Eve would tell us, sin does not satisfy.

We imagine Esau had the same experience. Oh, how he lusted for the chili that was fascinating to the eyes and enticing to the nose. There was a good chance Jacob was a “foodie” who had the art of cooking down to a science. Therefore, Esau was probably thrilled as he sat and dined in his brother’s presence. However, the second bowl could not have been as enjoyable a the first, and later, when he considered the price paid for his dinner, he surely struggled with buyer’s remorse. Esau’s sin did not satisfy for long.

Perhaps no story drives…

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