Foolish Sheep under Faithless Figure Heads

Unfathomable Grace

In the Bible, God presents himself as the Great Shepherd of his sheep. He purchases his sheep with his own blood. Then, with all his wisdom, power, and affection, he daily watches, guides, nurtures, feeds, disciples, disciplines, and loves each of his members. No one can escape his watchful eye. No one can wander or run farther than his arm can reach. No enemy can pluck his beloved from his almighty hand. With his goodness and mercy he leads and follows his flock all the days of their life until they eventually dwell in the house of the Lord with him forever. Oh, what a delight it is to be a wicked and foolish sheep, purchased by the Shepherd, and permanently attached to his loving heart.

According to his affection and wisdom, the Great Shepherd chooses to utilize under-shepherds to improve his flock. These men go by several names: pastor, preacher, teacher, elder, minister, servant, shepherd, bishop…

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