Christian Gun Owners Are Heretics


Yep, gun owners are heretics according to “Formerly Fundy” Patheos blogger and Fuller Seminary doctoral candidate, Benjamin L Corey. Following the anti-Christian hate crime by the son of the devil who slaughtered nine people professing the name of Christ, Mr. Corey seized the moment on twitter to condemn Christian gun owners:

The face that U.S. Christians are so rabidly pro-gun suggests they are a people group who need to be evangelized and converted to Christ.


I will be frank – that is one of the most asinine things I have ever read. But, I’m not surprised as it comes from an emergent progressive who denies the inerrancy of Scripture and the existence of hell, and affirms homosexual sin.

Mr. Corey is in good company with another heretic who goes by the name of Pope Francis, who suggested gun manufacturers and investors who profess Christ are hypocrites. Now, let me be…

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