He Delivers What He Desires

Unfathomable Grace

Jesus left the populace, took his ministry on the road, and travelled to the region of Samaria. While resting near a well, he met a religious woman who had come to draw water, and he struck up a conversation. He looked her in the eye and with serious tenderness said:

Give me a drink.  (John 4:4)

Jesus, the Sovereign King of all men and women, desired, deserved, and demanded water from this female servant. Had she known to whom she was talking, she should have responded with an immediate and fervent, “Yes, Lord!” Her Creator had a desire. He made a demand. Her duty was to respond with diligent obedience from her heart and with her hands.

Well, Jesus may have been physically thirsty, but he was really using this dialogue as an opportunity to share spiritual truth with one of his elect, female disciples. So, as the conversation developed, Jesus presented his glorious and gracious offer:

If you…

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