Whatever it is, it is not worship!

Unfathomable Grace

The following was written by Dr. James Montgomery Boice. He was a hero of mine who died some years back. Today, in heaven, he knows more about worship than he ever did. He is glorifying and enjoying God like never before. I think he would still agree with much that he wrote. Much of what people do on Sunday morning — whether formally traditional or informally contemporary — whatever it is, whatever they call it, it is not worship.


In recent years, I have noticed the decreasing presence, and in some cases the total absence, of service elements that have always been associated with God’s worship.


It is almost inconceivable to me that something called worship can be held without any significant prayer, but that is precisely what is happening.  There is usually a short prayer at the beginning of the service, though even that is fading away.  It is being…

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