Rosebrough exposes Kong Hee peddling NAR cult doctrine to justify CrossOver project

ChurchWatch Central

Previously on ChurchWatch Central, we covered Chris Rosebrough (from Fighting for the Faith) exposing the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult.

Mark of the New Apostolic Reformation cult.

In this episode, Chris Rosebrough exposed that the major characteristic of the NAR was the Seven Mountain Mandate doctrine.

Resource: Rosebrough exposes New Apostolic Reformation Seven Mountain Mandate heresy

What makes this relevant to City Harvest Church is the fact that Kong Hee was heavily influenced by this “Christian” Taliban cult. Recently on Fighting for the Faith, Rosebrough tackled the lies of Kong Hee and alerts Christianity to the fact that Kong Hee used the NAR Seven Mountain Mandate heresy as the foundation of his church and the Crossover Project.

This review is a MUST listen-too so that people can understand why City Harvest Church is a dangerous cult that threatens the Christian faith and the well-being citizens of Singapore.


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