Don’t You Dare Hold Your Tongue

Unfathomable Grace

It is so easy for us, who make our living by using our tongues, to be utterly negative in our weekly sermons. This is true for all preachers, but it is even more true for those of us who grew up in deep-south, Bible-belt, Fundamentalist circles. It isalmost second nature for us tostand up front, get intense, lean forward, pound the pulpit, raise our voice, point fingers, and wax eloquently about the sin of the week. Consequently,in our sermons thatfocuson the tongue, it is very easy for us to focus solely on cursing, dishonesty, blasphemy, disrespect, profanity, slander, gossip, spitefulness, harshness, boasting, flattery, seduction, scoffing, quarreling, complaining, and false teaching.

However, today, instead of focusing on the danger of the tongue, I wish to communicate regardingits incredible usefulness. The tongue, under the control of the Holy Spirit, can be a phenomenal tool of righteousness, and I wish to inspire us…

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