Pulpit & Pen rebuke Hillsong’s lies and hypocrisy over Broadway couple coverup

ChurchWatch Central

No one likes being lied too. Hillsong has got some explaining to do over their flipflop statements on their stance on homosexuality. Because we’ve researched Brian Houston and Carl Lentz extensively, we didn’t believe their lies to begin with and saw right through their deceit. For years, Hillsong have used the pulpit to push gay affirming messages. What on earth would make people think they would stop? Why would they lie?

The answer is simple.

Money. Power. Success. Influence.

All this is tied up in their musical monopoly. (Don’t worry, God only receives worship in Spirit and in Truth. He doesn’t receive it from the Hillsong den of thieves.)

So how have people responded to the Hillsong saga? Well Jeff Maples tackles this. But before we read this, we want to confirm one thing Maples says.

“So, while he says he believes homosexuality to be sinful he’s totally fine with…

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