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Do You Have A Worldview?


Do you have worldview? The term worldview was used in the sense described by prominent German philosopher Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911). Dilthey affirmed that philosophy must be defined as a comprehensiveness vision of reality that involves the social and historical reality of humankind, including religion. A worldview is thus the nature and structure of the body of convictions of a group or individual. (1) Worldview includes a sense of meaning and value and principles of action. It is much more than merely an “outlook” or an “attitude.” Each person’s worldview is based on a key category, an organizing principle, a guiding image, a clue, or an insight selected from the complexity of his or her multidimensional experience. (2)

Believe it or not, a worldview will impact our view of our vocation, our family, government, education, the environment, etc. A worldview also impacts ethical issues in our culture such as homosexuality, abortion…

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Letting The Law In The Back Door of Justification

The Reformed Reader

Gospel Mystery of Sanctification When it comes to religion, humans are wired with law.  Since Adam broke the covenant of works in the garden, people have always attempted to please God (or god/gods) by doing something for him.  The law that says ‘do this and live’ is part of human DNA.  This is why it is so hard for some people to believe a law-free gospel – good news that you don’t have to do a single thing for God to be accepted by him.  In fact, you have to stop doing things and receive a gift instead: the Messiah Jesus, who lived, died, and rose again to save sinners.

That humans are law-wired is also a reason why people sometimes sneak the law in the back door of the doctrine of justification.  As I’ve heard it said, everyone has a little Pope or Pharisee in his bosom.  Paul talked about this in his…

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The Federal Vision

Possessing the Treasure

The Federal Vision
A New Perspective—an Old Heresy

By Rev. T. Aicken

So, what is all the stir about the Federal Vision? Well, from one perspective, namely the extent of its influence, it is not making great waves at all. It has created some ripples in some denominations, but otherwise, it has made hardly a splash in the pond of Reformed and Presbyterian churches, now numbering hundreds of denominations worldwide.

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Chris Rosebrough covers Kong Hee’s verdict… and Phil Pringle’s involvement.

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” – Luke 8:17

This scripture is very applicable to the charges against Kong Hee and cohorts.

03CWCPortrait_Phil Pringle Targeted: Phil Pringle and his immoral involvement with the Kong Hee scandal. To this date, he has not told his congregation why Kong Hee was in trial and to this day, parades Kong Hee’s innocence.

Before the “Sermon review”, Chris Rosebrough decided to play audio segments of Phil Pringle. He has this to say about Phil Pringle before reviewing him, in light of the verdict.

“Now what we’re going to be listening to are two bits of audio from videos put out by, well Phil Pringle, who I think has a LOT to do- a LOT to do behind the scenes regarding Kong Hee and Sun Ho’s Crossover project- and was one of the…

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SURPRISE! Prosperity heretic Creflo Dollar also says there’s no such thing as a prosperity gospel

Phil Pringle Kong Hee Brian Houston Creflo Dollar Joseph Prince Do you love the Lord your God? Or do you love the ways of men?

According to $ Prosperity Heretics $ (who are nothing but liars and frauds), there is no such thing as a prosperity gospel.

03CWCPortrait_Phil Pringle Prosperity Heretic: Phil Pringle of the C3 Prosperity Cult

Phil Pringle wrote in his book “Dead for Nothing?:”

“Jesus became poor regarding the wealth of this world on the cross, that those who receive Him may become rich with the wealth of this world.” [Source]

However, Pringle has publicly stated,

“I’ve never preached a gospel other than about Jesus my whole life. That’s the gospel: Jesus Christ. Beginning and end. You know I got no other message then that one.” [Source]

07CWCPortrait_Joseph Prince Prosperity Heretic: Joseph Prince of the New Creation Cult

Joseph Prince wrote in his book “Unmerited Favor:”

“On the cross, Jesus bore the curse of poverty! This is what the Word of God…

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Ex-CHC member gives testimony against Kong Hee and cohorts after verdict

Ex-CHC member writes,

Finally, I’m so happy that divine justice has been executed on CIty Harvest. I would like to share my testimony.

Kong Hee was once a man I greatly revered and respected. In almost every service, he made me and my family believed that we could be rich by sowing seed money. Out of pressure in their cell groups, we gave and gave, losing 5-6 figure sum in total over the course of years.

As a pentecostal, he emphasized the ‘gifts’ of the Holy Spirit, making erroneous claims that those who do not have tongues are not saved. Manifestations of holy laughter, shaking, convulsions, “slain in the spirit” and “casting of demons” were frequent.

As an Arminianist, he taught that one could lose their salvation if they don’t read their Bible, stop going to church, stop living a holy life or just continue sinning. So for years, I…

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Ex-C3 member speaks out about leaders behaviour towards CHC trial

An ex-C3 member writes,

“Today, after 5 long, drawn-out years, the longest criminal trial in Singaporean history, the executive leadership of City Harvest Church, including pastor Kong Hee, were found guilty of misappropriating $50 Million worth of church funds.

Sentencing has been postponed to a later date, but already I have witnessed a flurry of Christians online all resolved to stand by Kong Hee throughout this process. And I just need to ask, for the sake of clarity, what exactly do you all mean by “stand by”?

Do you mean “pray for” Kong Hee? “Help support the distraught family of” Kong Hee? “Encourage and pray for the disappointed, also distraught church family of” Kong Hee? If that’s what you mean then that’s all fine, highly commendable, and I’ll happily join you in that, feel free to read no further.

But if you mean “Protest the Court’s ruling and insist upon…

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