Ex-C3 member speaks out about leaders behaviour towards CHC trial

An ex-C3 member writes,

“Today, after 5 long, drawn-out years, the longest criminal trial in Singaporean history, the executive leadership of City Harvest Church, including pastor Kong Hee, were found guilty of misappropriating $50 Million worth of church funds.

Sentencing has been postponed to a later date, but already I have witnessed a flurry of Christians online all resolved to stand by Kong Hee throughout this process. And I just need to ask, for the sake of clarity, what exactly do you all mean by “stand by”?

Do you mean “pray for” Kong Hee? “Help support the distraught family of” Kong Hee? “Encourage and pray for the disappointed, also distraught church family of” Kong Hee? If that’s what you mean then that’s all fine, highly commendable, and I’ll happily join you in that, feel free to read no further.

But if you mean “Protest the Court’s ruling and insist upon…

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3 thoughts on “Ex-C3 member speaks out about leaders behaviour towards CHC trial


    We have our share of Kong Hee supporters hit up our blog posts concerning Kong Hee. I can’t believe how some keep on going to defend him and his family and say that those who raise theological concerns are unloving.

    1. Truth2Freedom Post author

      That’s unfortunate to hear of this of this. We are living in very interesting times where pragmatism, biblical illiteracy and undiscerning relativistic shallow believers are running rampant throughout the church. How sad to see the lack of intellectual and theological fidelity or concern regarding the scriptures or the faith.


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