Ex-CHC member gives testimony against Kong Hee and cohorts after verdict

Ex-CHC member writes,

Finally, I’m so happy that divine justice has been executed on CIty Harvest. I would like to share my testimony.

Kong Hee was once a man I greatly revered and respected. In almost every service, he made me and my family believed that we could be rich by sowing seed money. Out of pressure in their cell groups, we gave and gave, losing 5-6 figure sum in total over the course of years.

As a pentecostal, he emphasized the ‘gifts’ of the Holy Spirit, making erroneous claims that those who do not have tongues are not saved. Manifestations of holy laughter, shaking, convulsions, “slain in the spirit” and “casting of demons” were frequent.

As an Arminianist, he taught that one could lose their salvation if they don’t read their Bible, stop going to church, stop living a holy life or just continue sinning. So for years, I…

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