Ex-CHC insider exposes cult abuse in City Harvest Church

We encourage ex-CHC insiders to keep speaking out. People need to understand what City Harvest Church is to outsiders and help those inside the movement to leave. People like Gera who speak out are doing Singapore and the rest of the world a favor when they write of their experience.

The Prosperity Gospel The Prosperity Gospel

As you will read from her experience, City Harvest is all about harvesting the cash of the gullible folk in Singapore. Notice the Prosperity gospel and and the prosperity theology that is pushed on the susceptible. Observe how City Harvest is all about recruiting members but not interested in fulfilling Jesus’ Christ’s Great Commission to “make disicples”.

One of Singapores biggest prosperity cults

Gerashen.com writes,

9 Reasons Why City Harvest Church Was the Devil To Me

I’ll probably receive some flak from City Harvest people – but through my years I’ve learnt that all they know is to spout out loud their…

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