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How the Words “Flesh” and “Spirit” are to be Understood in Scripture

Regeneration, Repentance and Reformation

Taken, adapted, and transliterated into modern English from, “The Flesh and the Spirit”
Written by, John Bradford

the heart of the matter

For your better understanding of the scriptures, especially of the new Testament, and for the forearming of yourself against errors…

…which, through the ignorance or by different exceptions might happen in the taking of terms or words used and written by the holy apostles, which are for your consolation in the conflicts you are cumbered with in this present life; I am purposed, my dearly beloved, to write unto you some general things (as God shall lend me his grace, the same for which I ask, for his Christ’s sake, now and forever). Take it in good part, I pray you, at least for my good will’s sake towards you in Christ.

In reading the scriptures, and especially Paul’s epistles, we very often do see these words, “flesh” and “spirit.”Now this word…

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Awakening the “moral sense” of the public in the abortion debate


Young pro-life women protest Planned Parenthood Young pro-life women protest Planned Parenthood

Scott Klusendorf linked to this article from the Public Discourse. The article talks about the need to augment logical arguments in other ways in order to awaken the moral sense of the public so that they will support the pro-life cause and vote to repeal pro-abortion laws.


In a manner similar to the case of slavery as outlined by Douglass, there are two simple points that, once admitted, join to condemn clearly the practice of abortion: (1) the embryo is a human being from the moment of conception, and (2) all human beings have a natural right to life.

The second point, as in the case of the natural right to liberty, doesn’t require serious argument on the level of ordinary judgment, even though many pro-choice philosophers have tried to argue that only persons have a right to life, and the unborn, in…

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