An accurate report on Hillsong’s leadership and history

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Because this article on Brian Houston and Hillsong is questioning and analysing its history and leadership, this article is not from God but the devil. (That’s how the Hillsong philosophy goes. If it’s good, praise God! If it’s bad, it’s of the devil.)

There is so much to examine in this article which we are sure to refer to in articles to come.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports,

Inside the Hillsong Church’s money-making machine

While Hillsong’s charismatic leader Brian Houston presides over a glitzy religious empire, he has not only had to face a Royal Commission grilling, but questions over theology, money and his church’s treatment of homosexuals.

Sydney’s Allphones Arena looms out of the chilly dusk on a late June evening like one of painter Jeffrey Smart’s visions of urban dystopia.

Inside the cavernous space, the senior pastor and co-founder of the Hillsong Church, Brian Houston, is prowling the…

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