A Sinful Man After God’s Own Heart

Unfathomable Grace

What is your sin of choice? What is your wicked default mode? What is your spiritual thorn in the flesh that God has not yet removed from your life? What transgression is it that causes you to say with the Apostle Paul, “Oh, wretched man that I am!” What character trait or conduct have you that greatly troubles your Lord and Savior?

Is your default sin an internal issue? Is it a matter of the head and heart? Do you consistently break God’s Law by having sinful fear, sinful anxiety, sinful depression, or Satanic pride? Do you persistently struggle with too little contentment, satisfaction, or thanksgiving? Are you one who constantly complains about God’s providence in your life? Are you perpetually materialistic or hedonistic? Daily, do you struggle with unrighteous lust or anger? On the outside, do you look holy and righteous while the inside you know you are still spiritually putrid?

Has your internal default…

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