LEGAL IMMIGRATION – It’s How We Do Things in a Nation of Laws

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


My people came to America from Ukraine around 1903. They came over legally through Ellis Island, NY.  They were fleeing more persecution as Jews. They knew our past, and the signs in Europe clearly showed that the past was soon to be repeated.  If they had been in Ukraine in the 1930’s and 40’s, they most likely would have perished.

They did not know English but they learned it.  They had very little money. My grandparents on both sides had lived in Kiev, Ukraine. I remember them speaking of coming to America. They wanted to be Americans. They spoke of choking up when they saw the Statue of Liberty.  They always made me proud to be an American when I would listen to their stories.

My people understood that it was a blessing to be coming to a country where they would not have to fear being slaughtered. But they…

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