Absolute Truth from the Word of God


We have seen the photos of the so-called refugees from Syria.  I do not see women, children or the elderly in these pictures.  What I am seeing are young, able bodied Muslim men. Now we are reading statistics showing that no one really knows the proportion of Islamic terrorists to those who are truly fleeing Syria in fear of their lives.

This morning I read that Christians do not qualify as “Refugees” from Syria. Are they serious?  ISIS has been responsible for the most grisly slaughters, rapes and enslavement of Christians in that region.

This decision was obviously made by Obama and relayed to our State Department.  This man is a monster, and it looks as if no one will challenge him. He has reduced our military to a size comparable to before WWII. He has fired Generals who were obviously not “yes” men. He has built his own…

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