Press report on Kong & cohorts back in court for oral submission

When reading through this article, one can’t help notice the argument, appealing to the effects of the family.

It is an illegitimate argument that there was no “no real victim” and that there was”no personal gain” when one analyses Kong Hee and Sun Ho’s “ministry”. We have video footage of Kong Hee shamelessly exploiting the sick in his church to give money to the building fund at the expense of church members medical needs and medical bills.

The most vulnerable people in his church are the victims to Kong Hee and Sun Ho’s exploitation for their highlife and celebrity status (in the name of Jesus).

What about the families of the sick who gave all their money to the Building Fund? What about those families who downgraded their lifestyles to give to the Building Fund, only to find out that what they were giving too was a sham?

Remember: the money went…

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