Barack Obama Should be Tried for Treason

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Many people who have followed this president’s trail of treasonous and criminal acts against the United States of America are beyond frustrated. We are wondering what has transpired behind the scenes to seemingly make BHO untouchable no matter what he does.

Are people in high places being threatened? Perhaps their families have been threatened as well.  Has he created that “domestic army” he spoke about frequently – an army with just as much power as our National Military?  We know that he has scaled down our military to a size comparable to pre WWII times. Maybe his personal army is bigger and stronger. Who knows what this man is doing?

In this article I will site numerous actions by this president which should qualify as Treason.  During my research for this piece, I came across a website which brilliantly articulated this man’s offenses.  I will quote from them and then…

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