Presuppositions or Evidences? Yes!

The Reformed Reader

Presuppositionalism or Evidentialism? That’s a question about apologetics: should we defend the faith presupposing the existence of God or by use of evidences (e.g. creation, the empty tomb, etc.)? I like Os Guinness’ balanced approach to this question. While talking about the journey from unbelief to faith, Guinness writes this:

“…What should be clear from this description of the journey toward faith is that the answer is not either-or, but both-and and which-when. Both presuppositions and evidences are a key part of our apologetic approach, and the real question is which to focus on and when.”

“Think of the relationship of presuppositions and evidences like this. Before people reach stage one (a person asking serious life and meaning questions), they are closed to God, and their unbelief is a matter of false presuppositions, as St. Paul explained. At that stage a discussion of evidences may sometimes intrigue them, but evidences…

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