In looking for the next President, Evangelicals should look for a Josiah. (Why an ancient Jewish king provides a powerful model for the next American President.)

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Josiah(Washington, D.C.) — I first posted this column on August 18th.

Today, I’m re-posting it in light of my column last week suggesting the search for a “Josiah” among Evangelical Christians has come down to a Final Four (which I believe are, in alphabetical order, Cruz, Huckabee, Rubio and Santorum). Hope you find it helpful.


As the presidential campaign season heats up, Americans are trying to get to know the many candidates in both parties and determine who would be best to lead America in 2017 and beyond. Who has the right character, vision, and detailed, substantive, serious plans for reform? Who has the wisdom, experience and sound judgment? Who is ready for the enormous and complicated challenges facing this great country?

Choosing the right leader is not an easy process, but it is vitally important. America is on the wrong track,  going in the wrong direction. We are in heading steadily — perhaps rapidly — towards implosion

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