Tim Tebow and His Ex-Girl Friend


tebowSo I saw on Facebook’s news feed that Tim Tebow’s girlfriend, a former Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, broke up with him because he refuses to have sex with her.

My immediate reaction was, “good for him! Way to stand up against temptation and sin.”

Speaking as a red-blooded male here, given that she is, in the currently popular Red State evangelical vernacular, “smokin’ hot,” maintaining his integrity and staying true to his commitment to save sex for marriage was probably a difficult achievement, especially if Ms. Culpo willingly and readily made herself available.

However, as I reflected upon the various media articles linked in my FB feed, I began to wonder why Tim Tebow, a professed Christian who has shown the public, at least in my opinion, that he is semi-serious about his faith, would be pursuing a woman who is the moral equivalent of a diamond encrusted sow ear.

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