“21 Misunderstandings of Calvinism”: The Seventh and Eighth Misunderstandings

Reformedontheweb's Blog

By Sam Waldron

I’ve dealt with four misunderstandings of Calvinism related to the doctrine of total depravity. Now I am dealing with a number of misunderstandings related to the doctrine of unconditional election. Here are the third and fourth of those (and the seventh and eighth overall).

II. Misunderstandings related to Unconditional Election

(3) Calvinists steal assurance of salvation from God’s people!

Wrong! This assertion is exactly and precisely the opposite of the truth. It is Arminians who make assurance of salvation impossible. I remember seeing John Wesley quoted in support of assurance of salvation. But whatever John Wesley believed, since he believed in falling from grace, he did not and could not consistently believe in genuine assurance of salvation. Real assurance of salvation is only possible if the genuine Christian cannot fall from grace. If a genuine Christian can fall from grace, then you can have assurance that you…

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